A Collection of Quotes on Collecting

by mitchellgallery

“To Own a piece of work done by an Artist / is to possess one of their facets / one of the windows of their life…” – David Dory

“Collecting at its best is very far from the mere acquisitiveness; it may become one of the most humanistic of occupations, seeking to illustrate by the assembling of significant reliques, the march of the human spirit in its quest for beauty.” – Aurther Davison Ficke

“The brilliance of art as a collectible is that it has a way of reaching out on an emotional level. It touches on mystery, even spirituality.” – Robert Genn

“I feel that when you have a collection like this you have a responsibility to use it, not to hoard it So that’s why we loan and put shows out. We’ve produced books. It’s a working collection.” – Michael Wilson

“To appreciate a work of art, is it okay to like what you like, and the heck with the art critics and experts? Absolutely.” – Thomas Hoving