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Annapolis Collects 4

August 23-October 12, 2014
The Mitchell Gallery Celebrates 25 Years

Items in an art collection can take many shapes and forms, from an 18th century oil painting to a piece of antique farm equipment. Founded 25 years ago, the Mitchell Gallery brings art of world renown and related educational programs to St. John’s College and the surrounding community. This exhibition celebrates the spirit of the Mitchell Gallery’s achievements, which include accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums in 2012. 

Guest curators Jim Cheevers (senior curator at the United States Naval Academy Museum), Tom Dawson (Dawson Gallery), Joni Jones (director, Banneker-Douglass Museum), and Nadja Maril (Annapolis writer, editor, and author) have selected works from private collections, museums, and historic houses in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County that span a wide range of tastes, styles, and periods. 

The Mitchell Gallery extends its sincere gratitude for the generosity of the “Annapolis Collects” lenders and curators

Photo credit: James Hamilton, Evening, A Scene at Rhode River, Ann (sic) Arundel County, MD (1848)