Masks and Figures: Works by Martin Beadle

by mitchellgallery

Beadle masks 1

April 2 – May 14, 2014

The Lillian Vanous Nutt Room
Greenfield Library, St. John’s College

“I make masks and statues using the materials that I have found and collected since I was a child. Faces offer so many messages, and I make masks which express different emotions. In both masks and statues, I like to explore the ties between the animal world and the world of people. In my work I use different kinds of plant fibers, textiles, and seedpods, as well as contrasting materials such as pieces of metal, homes, and beads. I am interested in the ancient belief that things themselves have memories, and in statures and masks I often use wrapping techniques, putting special objects under the layers of fabric as I work.” – Martin Beadle

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Free and open to the public.

Funding and support for this exhibit is provided by the Lillian Vanous Nutt Mitchell Gallery Endowment.

Photo credit: Martin Beadle, Man with adornments, 2008 (Photographed by Amar Shekdar)