For the Moments to Come

by mitchellgallery


“I am interested in art as a means of living a life; not as a means of making a living.” – Robert Henri

There was an intimate sense of personal relevance to “Chasing the Moment.” Perhaps it was because I had the privilege to meet many of the artists of this exhibit. Perhaps it was because there was clear support for the artwork by family, friends, and community members. Perhaps it was because of the little tidbits of conversation I heard:

Can I touch it? 

No, you can touch your sister’s work at home but not here.


Oh, look! That’s mine!

Yet even more than the atmosphere of familiarity, there was a sense of pride amongst our art members. “Chasing the Moment” held a unique feeling of professionalism and confidence rarely seen in artists so young.

But before their art becomes a profession, I hope that these artists will keep the unique sense of expression I saw in the exhibit: that their art was not merely for a class but was a means by which to express their lives. More than the professionalism, this was the confidence and passion I saw.

And so to all the artists of “Chasing the Moment,” I wish you all the best of luck! You have the support of the Annapolis Community. You all have passion and talent, and we all look forward to all the work you will produce in the years to come.


Holly Huey – St. John’s College student

Photo credit: Ty’Cuon Harris, E=MC square