The Young Artist

by mitchellgallery


Don’t visit an art gallery with a destination in mind. You’re not going to an art gallery or museum or studio. This place is merely a terminal, a place to pause a moment you decide – that is, where you want to go.

Art galleries are wormholes to other worlds – to other time periods, countries, cultures, and perspectives. To other lives. Step into an art gallery and perhaps you’ll step into the life of Karl Schrag or James McNeill Whistler. Perhaps you’ll find yourself on the streets of Venice or along the blood stained battlefields of the Civil War.

True, you can simply read the title of the exhibit before coming to a gallery. Yet you can never entirely know how an artist will portray his work and more importantly, how you will experience the art. Perhaps one cannot decide where you want to go rather realize where you have ended up.

“Chasing the Moment” offers a remarkable look into this experience. There is a unique moment in a young artist’s life. It is that tipping point from mere technical skill to creative expression, the crest right before one feels the immense necessity to appeal to an audience due to financial constraints or to fulfill what is “good” to the public eye. The art in this period of time is raw, experimental, and bold. It may not always be successful but is the beginning to development of artistry. Then again, many indeed are successful. This is what all artists strive to maintain: that raw connection to oneself while refining the skill to express and execute the creative vision well.

Step into this exhibit. You’ll find yourself not only in different places but also in the life of a blossoming young artist. You’ll be able to see the art they have produced here and now and also their potential. Perhaps you will catch a glimpse at the work they will produce in ten years.


Holly Huey – St. John’s College student

Photo credit: Joel Balch, Untitled